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How Cell Phone Jammers Work?

Cell Phone Jamming Basics          

Cell phones are basically hand-held two-way radios.Like any radio, the signal may be jammed or interfered.

Disrupting a cell phone is the same as jamming any other type of radio communication. A cell phone works by communicating with its service network through a cell tower or base station. Cell towers divide a city into small areas, or cells. As a cell-phone user drives down the street, the signal is handed from tower to tower.

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A jamming device transmits on the same radio frequencies as the cell phone, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower.

It's a called a denial-of-service attack. The jammer denies service of the radio spectrum to the cell-phone users within range of the jamming device.

How Cell Phone Jammers Work

Cell Phone Jamming Basics    

   What is  Convoy IED Jammer?

Introduction The acronym “IED” stands for improvised explosive device. IED Jamming Systems are an emerging subset of the electronic warfare (EW) market. 

The objective is to create a relatively small, wideband communication jammer that would create a 30-500 meter jamming bubble around the vehicle or soldier. In the US, these devices fall under the umbrella of the JCREW (Joint Counter Radio-controlled-improvised-explosive-device Electronic Warfare) program. 

IED Jammers come in mounted, dismounted or man-pack versions. Man-packs account for perhaps as much as 60% of the total unit volume deployed. Mounted and dismounted jammers make up the rest of the deployed units. 

Frequencies are DC-500 MHz, 500-2500 MHz, and 2.5-6.0 GHz. Typical output power (at the antennas) can be between 20-50 Watts, however some of the newer manpack systems may be 10W or less. Larger mounted systems can have RF power output over 2,000 Watts (military convoy jammers). 

Jammer systems:

 • Require maximum RF transmitted power in a broadband application.

 • Are required to operate in harsh conditions and survive high VSWR. 

• Need three critical parameters – gain, efficiency, and broadband performance – working together to produce an effective, long-lasting EW device.

 As a result, the two main technologies for IED Jammer RF Power devices are LDMOS and GaN (Gallium Nitride). Engineering design trade-offs between these two competing technologies can be made based on the specific jammer application.

   Can you jam a drone signal?

There are a wide variety of UAV shapes, sizes, configurations, and characteristics. Commercial or civilian drones are of special concern. Most drones have high-resolution cameras that can invade your privacy. They can capture images of you and your personal property.

People also use drones to smuggle drugs. Or they use them to crash into buildings or act as a remote “peeping Tom.” They can cause harm when carrying a payload of explosives or artillery.

For these reasons, jammers that block the drones’ remote control signals are of interest. They can protect your privacy and even your safety.

Jammers are also called signal blockers. They are devices that block radio communications signals. A pilot on the ground remote-controls an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Therefore, blocking the radio signal renders a UAV useless. The drone will either fall to the ground or land, depending on its programming.

The Legality of Drone Jammers
Jammers, which block GPS, cellular communication, and WIFI signals are illegal in many states, countries, and municipalities. The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only, and anyone looking to purchase a jammer should first check their local regulations prior to ordering and/or use.

Pendant lamp Hidden Voice Recording Jammer
Pendant lamp Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

Can you block listening devices?

Air purifier Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

Acoustic n oise jammers work on the same principal. Thedevices create ambient or white noise so that a hidden bug or audio surveillance device cannot detect or record your conversations. Effectively block recording devices to protect your privacy.

The working concept of any audio jammer is to create white-noise which is similar to running water. ... The drawback of audio blockers lies in that white noise is audible. That's why you can not turn it on without asking a permission of your interlocutor. Remember that audio jammers do not obstruct video recorders.

Audio jammers are useful for a variety of applications, but most importantly, for protecting privacy. These devices come in an assortment of styles and functionalities, from RF and digital audio jammers, to white noise makers, but each of them works with the same intended purpose: to scramble or confuse recordings, making unwanted surveillance difficult or impossible for someone who is trying to infringe on your privacy.