5CH Man-Pack UAV Drone Jammer
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Module: AAT-UAV5-M


 In recent years, Drone market growing fast, All of the factory such as DJI, DOBBY and XAIRCRAFT are continually to development and production of drone, “Black flight” always hurt people and damage something, In the second half of 2016 had happened Hundreds of accidents, for example 1. Made flight be stop, Drone fell towards the earth in large-scale activity and hurt people. Recent is Canada flight accidentblack flight hurt people in Ningbo highway. It follows that black flight is a big hidden trouble. Government without monitoring and management to black flight, only adopt a strong measure to safeguard aerial safety.  

AL ASAR TECH a superior security equipment supplier, independent research and development drone jammer, drone jammer jamming satellite positioning signal aim to whole GNSS GPS, Including to :GPS/Big Dipper/GOLONESS/GPS; At same time jamming ISM 2.4G and ISM 5.8G which signal be frequently-used by drone, Jamming picture the positioning of drone remote control to get emergency landing, return flight or hanging in the air the effect. The drone jammer Which be independent research and development by AL ASAR TECH Function is strong, far interference distance from 1 to 5 km. 




Manily aimed at the mainly aimed at drone it is in flight or flight aeromodelling mandatory controlingLong-distance Cut off connection between drone and controller, Through the interceptor instrument can be forced landing of drone or forced return voyage, to ensure the safety of area of low-altitude airspace,

Omini antenna 360 degree jamming and directional antenna

LCD display battery capactity and Voltage
Integrated main equipment, battery,


Product function

1.Cut off the connection between drones and remote controls, remote control seize up

2.Remote control couldn’t receive the picture and video by aerial photo.

Drone could not be location, The jammer mandatory making drone land or flight returned.
Technical Specifications:
Jamming frequency band:        RF Output Power

1CH 433MHz430-435MHz             15W

2CH 915MHz 902-928MHz             15W

3CH GPSL1,1560-1580MHz            20W

4CH 2.4G 2400-2485MHz              20W

5CH 5.8G 5720-5875MHz              20W

RF output Power: 90W

LCD Display: battery capactity and Voltage, Remind to you when need to charging.

Effective jamming range: jamming Above 1-2km,(depending on the the environment signal strength);
Power supply: AC110-220V(for charge battery) and DC 24V ;
Continuous working hours: 24 *7 hours working (DC 24V);
Battery: Built-in lithium Battery(24V 20A) , 2-2.5 hours by battery, rechargeable;
Antennas type: 2.4G,GPS,5.8G Directional antenna Gain 12dBi

 433MHz Omini Antenna Gain 5dBi / 915MHz Omini Antenna Gain 8dBi
Main equipment Weight: 15kg;
370*290*100mm(Wihout antenna)
Dimension: 180*180mm (Handheld Directional Antenna)
Dimension: 960* Ø25mm(Omini Antenna)

Operating Temp: -20ºC - +50ºC
Humidity: 5% - 95%
Prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices from being activated and stop terrorist attacks;
Protect explosives handling experts;
Protect important places such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass gatherings, stadiums, etc;
Risk mitigation and explosives removal in specified spots;
Police used for VVIP convoy, ECM, anti drug, riot co
ntrol, etc.
Military used for border control, ECM etc.

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