7CH 70W Waterproof Hidden RF mobile signal jammer
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IR Remote Control Power on/off

Easy operation, plug in and play

Built-in Antenna design, easy installation

Channel Output power adjustable

High Efficiency output power with longer jamming distance

Effectively making subsections, no interception to base station

Waterproof Jammer, proper for outdoor use

Ethernet IP Remote Monitoring System available



Any sensitive locations where the wireless signals are not allowed.

Front View                                           Back View


Technical Specifications:

Working frequency bands (made by Frequency environment ):

Working Frequency Bands : 

Frequency Range         Channel RF Output Power

1CH                             10W

2CH                             10W

3CH                             10W

4CH                             10W

5CH                             10W

6CH                             10W

7CH                             10W

Total RF output power: 70W

Internal Modulation: Analog

Effective jamming range: 20-50m (signal strength bellow -75dBm) depending on the environment signal strength;

Power supply: 220VAC/110VAC

Continuous working hours: Long time

Power Consumption: 90W

Remote Control: Ethernet (By Remote Monitoring Software)

Remote control: RJ 45

Waterproof Level: IP65

Antenna type: Built-in Directional Antenna

Antenna Gain: 6dBi

Dimension: 400×288×155mm

Net Weight: 7kgs;

Operating Temp: -40ºC - +55ºC

Humidity: 5% - 95%

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