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Defense and Security is that defence is the action of defending, of protecting from attack, danger or injury while security is (uncountable) the condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially.
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12Bands Protable Built-in antenna Briefcase RF signal jammer

High power portable Jammer for 2G/3G/4G Jammer with LOJACK GPSL1-L5 WIFI2.4G 5G Signals, Suitcase Build-in Battery and AC adapter

The one is professional suitcase portable High power mobile phone jammer for Cellphone 5G 3G 4GLTE/WIMAX Wi-Fi2.4G/5G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF Signal Jammer which are currently presented on the market.Build-in battery can works 1.5 hours. Alsocan customize for High power drone jammer model with 4-6 antennas which bring us a strong jamming ability to defend 100% drones UAVs, like Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, advanced, standard series, inspire series


Output power total 86w,shielding 10-80m,Still depends on the strength signal in given area.

Each unit can jam up to12 frequency bands simultaneously, each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power from max to off (0)

3pieces cooling fans, not-stop to work with build-in AC adapter

Also build-in Battery 24V10Ah or more, continue working 1.5hours, Battery Power and charger stative display via LED screen

Suitcase portable design, option to external battery usingalso.


Output Power:Total 86W,3-10W each band

Jam Radius:10-80meters,Still depends on the strength signal in given area

Power Supply:Battery DC24V and AC110-220V to DC24V adapter

Cooling System:High efficiency aluminum alloy radiator+ 3xcooling fans

Working Time:Build-in DC24V Battery working 1.5hours

Product Size:465 x 365 x 185mm(not Include Antenna)

Product Weight: appr.12kg (for OMNI antennas)

Package Contents:Jammer Host x 1,Battery Charge x 1, antenna x12,AC Plug x 1



Prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices from being activated and stop terrorist attacks;

Protect explosives handling experts;

Protect important places such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass gatherings, stadiums, etc;

Risk mitigation and explosives removal in specified spots;

Police used for VVIP convoy, ECM, anti drug, riot control, etc.

Military used for border control, ECM etc.