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Smart prison communication cellphone jamming control system

The system equipment adopts digital base station technology and computer intelligent management and control technology, the system only needs to reach the signal field strength equivalent to the traditional base station and enable effective mobile signal control of coverage areas, the electromagnetic radiation of the personnel in the coverage area is far less than the radiation standard stipulated by the state, and will not cause long-term radiation damage to the human body. The system consumes a significant amount of electricity, which is also called green shielding.

Shielding area mobile phone manange and control, at the same time, combined with the passive antenna feed distribution system, uniformity wireless signal coverage is performed on the required shielding area. It can effectively control the external signal leakage, and implement bundled communication blocking for illegal mobile phones in the coverage area. There will be no blind spots and dead ends, and no signal interference will be caused to the surrounding normal mobile phone users and carrier base stations.

Can set whitelisted mobile number in the system, ensure that the prison guards mobile phone normally working, while in blocking area effective shielding illegal mobile phone with the surrounding base station communication, through mobile phone number intelligent indentification technology, the user of the preset mobile number can be kept in normal communication with the original base station.

 Mobile phone information collection
 Black / white list setting
 High capture rate and strong processing ability
 No interference with the existing network
 Positioning accuracy

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