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6CH High Power IP Remote Control DDS Prison jammer 

With the continuous development and popularization of mobile communication devices, the level of personal mobile communication technology has been continuously improved, especially after the promotion and application of 3G and 4G technology, For the prison, labor reeducation, detention centers, addiction treatment center and other similar areas of the negative role of more and more prominent, In prison, detention center and other places of supervision,  mobile communication tools are banned, not only for prisoners, but also regulators should be the case. Once the phone was brought into prison and use it, will give the prison management, security, development has brought great harm. Some prisoners through illegality secretly transport mobile phone , in the prison are calling, SMS, obtaining information, threatening witnesses, Even the formation of gangs and organizations jailbreak and so on, because of this, in prison and other prison places to install mobile phone signal jammer system has reached urgency


DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) technology ,anti-interference,high efficiency, High accuracy, high-reliability, flexible, signal processing technology.

Using ultrahigh frequency boardband jamming technology.

Effective power (Channel power) high, and interference radius big

Valid subsection, only interference downlink, not cause interference to the base station.

Import component, slow starting circuit design and can avoid mechanical switch generated spark phenomenon, high level of integration and working stabilization

Perfect self-protective function, when the equipment overheating, output over power, VSWR ect fault warning, the jammer will auto turn-off which have fault module, to avoid the jammer damage.

RF module alarm type: Temperature alarm, Over power alarm, Standing wave alarm.

IP Remote Monitoring System , easy operation real time feedback device status.

TCP / IP network protocol remote control, standard RJ45 network interface, each device has a separate IP address

When the jammer have abnormal situation, the system automatically alarm, and generate logs, fault inquire and fault alarm.

Authority management: “administrator” “general users” “Browsed user”

Through the software remote centralized control management, can achieve point to point switch device set module power level, remote switch. At the same time the device opens the chassis with the indicator light

Platfrom language: Chinese,English and Spainish operation interface, can expand other language pack;

Technical Specification:
Effective shielding: CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, DCS1800MHz, PCS1900MHz, PHS, GPS, WIFI,3G WCDMA, 4G LTE,VHF,UHF ect, 2.4G & 5.8G wireless signal.

Each band power Amplifier can adjustable level 1=20W ,Level 2=50W, 3Level 3=75W, Level 4=100W

Effective jamming distance diameter: 120-500M ,(depending on the environment signal strength), The better choose directional antenna, shileding effective more better.

Power Supply: AC 220V

Power Consumption:1000W

Working: 24*7hours ongoing working.

Remote Control: RJ 45

Antenna: High Gain Directional Panel Antennas or Omni Antennas

Operating Temp: -25ºC - +60ºC

Humidity: 30%-95%  

Net Weight: 65kgs;


Packing size:830(L)*565(W)*435(H)mm

Accessoris: Power cable,RF Cable antenna, RJ connector,  wall-mounted expansion bolt.

Prisons, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, etc.

Jammer Monitoring Software Platform Introduction:

The Jammer Monitoring Software Platform allows customers to keep a query or control all Jammers accessed to the Internet, and all the alarm information jammers real-time feedback to the customer, so that customers can stay at home to have all information of jammers running, and adjust the control parameters of the Jammers to suit the operating environment of the installed area, greatly reduce the customer's maintenance workload.
The platform enables real-time display of all Jammers’ output power, operating temperature, alarm information (including over-temperature alarm, under-power alarms, VSWR alarms, Door open alarms, etc.), and all information is specific to each Channel, real-effective, convenient and quick.
This platform also allows you to change the login page photo and upload your own logo by yourself.