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4Band Protable UAV Drone jammer interception system


Manily aimed at the mainly aimed at drone it is in flight or flight aeromodelling mandatory controling,Long-distance Cut off connection between drone and controller, Through the interceptor instrument can be forced landing of drone or forced return voyage, to ensure the safety of area of low-altitude airspace,

LCD display battery capactity and Voltage
Integrated main equipment, battery,

Each band can alone switch on/off.

Product function

1.Cut off the connection between drones and remote controls, remote control seize up

2. Remote control couldn’t receive the picture and video by aerial photo.

3. Drone could not be location, The Drone interception jammer mandatory making drone land or flight returned.

Technical Specifications:

LCD Display: battery capactity and Voltage,

Power Supplier: Built-in Li-ion lithium battery + external adapter charge

Operation mode: Double or signal hand operation, light and protable.

Cooling system: module: heat pipe radiator, environment: PWM temperature control fan

Interception way: force course reversal,forced landing, picture and video transmission interference

Interception channel:              RF output Power:

1CH  2.4G,                         30W

2CH GPS/Glonass,                    30W

3CH 5.2G                           20W

4CH 5.8G,                           20W

RF outoput Power: 100W

Intercetpion distance:2000-3000km

Antenna: 4 antenna all in one.

Battery: Built-in battery working 1.5hours

Power: 192W

Operating Temp: -20ºC - +50ºC
Humidity: 5% - 95%


Net weight: 3.6kg

Gross Weight:10kg (With protable suitcase)

 Power supply mode:Built-in battery 24V,15A

Prevent remote controlled improvised explosive devices from being activated and stop terrorist attacks;
Protect explosives handling experts;
Protect important places such as bus/train stations, plazas, schools, mass gatherings, stadiums, etc;
Risk mitigation and explosives removal in specified spots;
Police used for VVIP convoy, ECM, anti drug, riot control, etc.
Military used for border control, ECM etc.

Prison  safety  protection; prison routine safety protection;

Research confidentially safety protection; Government, administrative protection; Military base confidentiality protection;