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Handheld HighPowerDrone Signal Jammer With All-in-one Directional Antenna

Product Description

The latest mini handheld all-in-one drone signal jammer with directional antennas for Cover 100% Drones UAVs,LikeDji Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire Series...

Light weight portable, build-in high gain 10dbi directional antenna,Jammingdistance100~500 Meters,Built-in Battery continue working1.5Hour.


All in one handheld design, Mini size and light weight

Output power total 20w, Build-in3-In-One High gain 10dbi directional antenna, shielding 100-500m,Still depends on the distance of drone and remote control.

Each unit can jam up to 3 frequency bands simultaneously, each frequency band is separate and with power switch to ON or Off,LED indicator lights display power supply

100% safe VSWR over protection for each modular

Built-in Battery,Operating Time around 60 Minutes,

Battery Power and charger status & working Current display via LED screen.

Basic Specifications
Jam Signal Type:Drones RC2.4G/5.8GHz/GPS GLONASS L1 Signals

Output Power:Total 20W,5-10W each band

Jam Radius:100-500meters

Power Supply:AC110-240V to DC24V

Cooling System:High efficiency aluminum alloy radiator

Working Time:Build-in battery: 24V4Ah  Working Time:1.5Hours

Product Size:450*105*60mm

Product Weight: appr.1.5kg

Package Contents:Jammer Host x 1,Battery Charger x1

Key specifications:


Output Port

Frequency range

Average out-putting power




40dbm / 10W




37dbm / 5W


GPSL1 and Glonass L1


37dbm / 5W




37dbm / 5W

RC 868/912


40dbm / 10W

Power supply: AC adapter 50 to 60Hz, (AC110 or 240V-DC24V)   

Build-in battery: 24V4Ah Working Time:1.5Hours

Dimension: (length,width, height) 450*105*60mm

Package Size: 480x 115 x100mm    N.W:1.5kg       G.W:3.0kg

Total Power:20W      Shielding Radius: (100-500meters@-75dBm.
Still depends on the distance of drone and remote control.

Warranty:  One year from delivery date.

OEM Customized Service
Silkscreen OEM service can be offered. 

1) Protection of prohibited areas, such as: prison, military management area, national strategic resources projects, nuclear industry facilities, airports, political regions and etc;

2) To prevent the leakage of information on the scene, such as: major criminal cases on-site, urban management law enforcement scene, an important security venues, political followers protection, large-scale performance rehearsal, archaeological excavation site, large groups event site;

3) To combat the use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a carrier of illegal activities, such as: transport / drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal goods or information transmission.