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1 Band Handheld GPS Signal jammer

The device can as anti GPS navigation and positioning tracking

Jamming frequency :L1:1560-1580MHz or  L2:1217-1237MHz (Optional)

Maximum radiation power (1 meter outer, the dipole antenna test) below -10dBm.

Esmission frequency GPS,BDS,GLONASS and GALILEO satellite or global positioning System.

Power regulation scope of not less than 0dB

Effective range of 15-20m(Block radius)

Power adapter charge:AC110~240V  Car charge: DC 12V


Operating temperature: -30~60℃

Relative humidity:5~95%

Storage temperature:-50~+60℃




Effective prevention by GPS satellite positioning
To blocker GPS satellite positioning tracking,

To protect your privacy whereabouts and information confidential
Not affect mobile phones and other electronic equipment's working
Small size, light weight, easy to carry