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High Power Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

This audio shield is a product developed by R&D personnel of our company according to the characteristics and requirements of anti-recording shield. The shape of the product is an air purifier with dual functions of air purification and audio shield. The product has beautiful appearance and is simple and generous. The concealment of air purifier can shield illegal recording.

Air purifier version recording shield is a new product of recording shield series. It is suitable for leading office, small meeting room and other occasions.

The advantages of this product are as follows:

Good concealment: air purifier is used as the appearance of the product, which is the same as ordinary air purifier on the surface, and adds background noise, which is very concealed.

Shielding effect is stronger: Compared with other products in the series, the output interference signal power is larger, so the noise signal picked up by the recording equipment is stronger, and the shielding effect is stronger.

Shielding distance is farther: Compared with other products, the shielding distance is farther. Generally, the shielding distance of better recording equipment can reach about 1-2 meters, while that of some recording equipment, such as some mobile phones, can even reach more than 3-5 meters.

Coverage equipment has a wider scope: for all kinds of current mainstream recording equipment, air purifier version recording shield can shield, its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, far higher than similar products on the market.

The shape of the product is well concealed, and it can be closer to the people who may record, and the effect is better!


performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices

Shielding distance

1-2.5m (shielding distance of different recording equipment is different)

Function angle

180 degrees

Opening mode

remote control





ambient temperature


relative humidity




Charging input

AC 100V~240V 

Charging output

DC 12v 10A

Packing instructions

Protective box