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Celling-mounted Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

This recording jammer is a hidden recording jammer developed by our company according to the needs of users. The product is divided into two forms, one is a ceiling type, and the other is a pendant lamp type,It is suitable for different walls and scenes. The product arranges the signal emission source in the metal grid, which not only ensures the shielding effect but also conceals. Each product is equipped with 20 signal transmission terminals and the shielding distance is 2-5 meters. . The shielding angle is 45-60 degrees from the vertical center to the surroundings, forming a shielding area similar to a horn. The following figure:

Product features:

1. Ceiling installation, saving space and good concealment

2. Remote switch for easy operation

3. Wide signal coverage range of 90-120 degrees

4. The signal direction is 90 degrees with the recording equipment, and the shielding effect is better.

5. Stepless power adjustment, controllable at any time

6. Shielding distance is 2-5 meters (different recording equipment will be different)

7. Signal concentration does not affect people's normal communication

Technical parameter


performance parameter

Jamming type

Mobile phones, voice recorders and other sound collection equipment

Jamming distance



90-120 degree

Power adjustable

Stepless adjustment of knob

Start on

Remote control


Global height 520mm

 sphere diameter 200mm



environment temperature


Relative humidity


Power consumption


power input

AC 100V~240V

Power Output

DC 12V/5A


Protection box


Meeting room, office, confidential war room, negotiation room, counter window and other scenes to prevent illegal recording.