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Defense and Security is that defence is the action of defending, of protecting from attack, danger or injury while security is (uncountable) the condition of not being threatened, especially physically, psychologically, emotionally, or financially.
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Prevent illegality eavesdropping Mobile phone voice information security protection box

This protective box is a high-tech product developed ,on the basis of a large number of market research and user visits. It can effectively prevent the voice information of the mobile phone from being secretly eavesdropped and recorded. As we all know, if the mobile phone is embedded with spyware, the microphone can be quietly turned on when the mobile phone is turned on and off, and the voice information around the mobile phone will be received illegally. These information will also be sent to the mailbox of the implant, causing voice leakage; or during the conversation, one party will send the mobile phone In the call state, the remote end can hear the conversation content, causing the conversation to leak. Both are caused by the phone not being placed in the right place. The mobile phone information security protection box is exactly the place to prevent the mobile phone from being eavesdropped. A voice information shielding module is built in the protection box to form a shielding field in the box. When the mobile phone is not in use, it can be put in the box to effectively prevent voice leakage, and at the same time, it does not affect the normal reception and calling of the mobile phone.

In some private conversations or confidential scenes, participants can be forced to put their mobile phones into the mobile phone information security protection box!

The protective box is designed to be the shape of a pen holder, which is placed on the desk or conference table in a very coordinated way. The box is designed to work after lithium battery charging, or plug-in. At the same time, the switch and power regulation are integrated into one, which is very convenient for use.

Product features:

1.  Product built-in lithium battery, after charging can work about 8 hours;

2.  Built in embedded encryption software, recording files cannot be restored;

3.  The product opening design is reasonable, which can cover most of the mobile phones on the market;

4. The appearance is simple and elegant;

5.  The product is designed with battery power indicator light. Green indicates sufficient power, red and blue indicate charging, and red indicates that the power is about to run out;

Technical parameter


Performance parameter

Shielding type

Voice collection equipment such as mobile phone and recording pen

Shielding range

Inside the safety box

Angle of action

360 degrees

Opening mode


Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption



9V 1500mha

Power input

AC 100V~240V

Power output

DC 9V/1A

Packing instructions

PP Protective box

Application scenario:

Leadership desk, conference table, business negotiation table, battle command table, tea table, court trial site, etc