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AAT-007-FX (X=4/6/8/12)
    Publish time 2020-08-18 20:37    

Distributed Recording Shielding System, Conference Room anti-recording shielding system,

Voice Recording jammer

Distributed Recording Shielding System is a set of small talks recording shielding system developed by our company according to the needs of users. Applied to one-to-one or one-to-many recording and shielding conversation scenes, the system consists of a shielder host, X extenders, power adapters, remote controllers, and between the extender and the host through a dedicated line connection to achieve multi-angle and multi-direction shielding.


Embedded 4 launch terminals per extender, Enhanced Shielding effect

The  host is equipped with power indicator lamp, power switch, power adjustment knob, heat dissipation fan, X expander interface (AAT-007-FX, X=4/6/8/12) on the back of the host.

Expander: The expander uses an injection-moulded shell with four metal signal transmitter terminals embedded in front and a special line jack in the back. Its size is 95*59*23mm. It is compact and easy to install and camouflage. When working, the signal transmitter terminal is aimed at the illegal recorder and placed on the desktop or under the desktop opposite to the illegal recorder seat (the closer the illegal recorder is, the better). The shielding distance of a single expander is 1-2 meters (different recording devices are different). The length of the expander and the host label wiring is 3 meters, which can fully meet the needs of general scenes. When the system works, the host can be placed arbitrarily when the online length permits.

System characteristics:
1. The system adopts distributed design. The host and the expander are connected by a dedicated line. The expander can be installed and configured flexibly according to the recording shielding scene, which enlarges the shielding angle and distance.
2. Good heat dissipation design ensures that the system can work stably for a long time.
3. The system is equipped with a power stepless adjusting knob, so that users can adjust the transmission power according to the scene.
4. The system is equipped with remote control, which makes it convenient for users to open and close remotely.
5. All connections of the system adopt error-free direct plug-in design, easy to operate!
technical parameter


performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices

Shielding distance of single expander

1-2 meters (different recording devices differ)

Angle of action of single expander

90-120 degrees

Remote control distance

More than 10 meters

Host size


Expander size


Host weight


Expander weight


ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 160V~240V

Power output

DC 12V/12.5A

Shell material

Metal alloy

Packing instructions

PP protective box