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Jamming Signal Detector for 433 / 868 / WiFi / Mobile signal

Fleet management applies GPS tracking systems to trucks, trailers, delivery vans, and rental cars. By continuously checking up-to-date location information and identifying vehicles that deviate or disappear from planned routes or cross specific boundaries.

Smart criminal uses signal jammer disconnecting the communication between truck and control center to steal expensive cars and lorries carrying valuable loads.

This device is made to take precautions against the criminal using signal jammer to disable the Mobile and GPS connection of GPS tracking system. This device will issue alert (warning trigger) back to control center to notify the attempted theft / robbery, before the mobile connection of GPS tracking system is been blocke


Size: L 130 x W 68 x T 26 mm

Weight: about 195g

Power : 12V – 24V DC, 150 mA

Detecting Frequency: Wideband jammer of Cellphone and WiFi frequency bands

Alarm output : 1A Relay, with NO / NC output


Without interfere with digital signal

Environment Noise Verification:

This device has an environment noise verified switch with H and L marking located in the battery compartment.

Background noise Filter

Wide adaption with weather & environments


 L 13 x W 6.8 x T 2.6 cm


 about 195 g


 12V – 24V DC, 150 mA

Detecting Frequency

 Wideband jammer of Cellphone and WiFi frequency bands

Bandwidth Resolution

FULL band detection

Frequency scan timing for

jamming signal

Always detecting

Handling of jamming signal

Instant activate relay output after verified the jamming signal

Warning mode

 10 LEDs

Alarm output

 1.0A relay, with NO-NC output

Sensitivity Tuner

 Eliminate the environment interference (background