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Mobile epidemic prevention temperature measurement and disinfection channel

AAT mobile epidemic prevention temperature measurement and elimination channel is an accurate, convenient and intelligent integrated device for human body measurement and disinfection. It integrates a variety of high-tech intelligent means such as microwave detection, infrared spectroscopy and face recognition to make non-contact monitor and disinfect on human body and object.
It can concisely, safely, intuitively and accurately determine whether there is an abnormal temperature of the personnel. If there is an abnormality, the device will issue an audible and visual alarm and close the disinfection channel. Each device adopts ergonomics and intelligent operation, which can effectively reduce personnel input in public health emergencies and prevent the spread of large-scale epidemics.

Following ergonomics, the design style is convenient for adults, children, the elderly, the disabled, wheelchairs, pets, etc. to be detected and disinfected.
The fully-automatic intelligent control design greatly reduces the human operation and monitoring workload, reduces security pressure, and greatly reduces the work danger of high-frequency contact with people in the public area, and effectively avoids cross infection.

Applicable scene:
office . building . community . school . factory Targeted research and develop for multiple crowded fixed places

technical applications
Face recognition system case stock:20000
Recognition rate:≧99.8% Recognition distance:0.5m
Temperature measurement area length: 640mm
Human induction method: microwave detection Body temperature sensing method: infrared spectrum type (precise real-time living body detection)
Optical spectrum range: 8-14um
Body temperature collection distance: 10-20cm Body temperature collection accuracy: Positive and negative 0.2 degrees
Body temperature collection range: 34 ~ 45 degree celsius
Temperature collection time: 2 seconds
Temperature display panel: 8.0 inch
Body temperature detection output: Failed, ie:over temperature, red light, with continuous alarm