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Automatic Infrared Temperature Detection All-in-one Security gate (Remote control real-time monitoring data)

Product parameters


Infrared thermometer

Measuring time

0.5 ~ 1 second

Detection temperature distance


Measuring range

Body temperature measurement range 32 ° C – 42.5 ° C

Body surface measurement range 0 ° C-100 ° C

Temperature measurement accuracy

± 0.2 ° C (exceeds the set temperature alarm)

Over temperature alert

Sound & light alarm + Voice broadcast

Data Statistics

Number of people passed, number of alarms

Product Dimension

Passageway size





working environment

10 ° C-40 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%

Storage environment

0 ° C-50 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%

Dada out

Support (Optional)

Power source





White , Black

Product Features

monitoring data: Computer Remote control real-time monitoring data

Non-sensing temperature: can monitor the temperature of personnel passing through the security gate, temperature accuracy: ≤0.5 ℃, test distance: 0.05-0.2 meters, test height: not less than 1.5 m

Human body temperature screening: Built-in high-precision miniature 24-hour dynamic infrared body temperature monitor for body temperature scanning and screening of passersby.

Voice prompt: When the person detects the body temperature, they can real-time voice broadcast "normal body temperature" or "please check the body temperature" to quickly and accurately screen for abnormal body temperature.

High-end components: Melexis original infrared detector imported from Belgium, high precision, stable quality performance, high domestic configuration.

Ultra-high detection sensitivity: can detect half the size of paper clip metal, and will not miss reports and cross-reports.

Original flying object alarm function: Metal objects will also accurately alarm if they are thrown through the middle of the gate.

Intelligent discrimination: can distinguish ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal items.

Ultra-low detection height: Metal objects above 2CM above the ground can enter the detection area and give an alarm.

Multi-zone alarm function: when multiple metals in different positions of the human body pass through the security gate, they can simultaneously alarm and can indicate the location of multiple metals.

Power-on self-diagnosis function: Perform self-test on the system and display the test results when the system is powered on.

 Multi-area independent detection: 12 independent detection areas, each area has 1000 levels of sensitivity adjustment.

 Modular component design: convenient and fast transportation and maintenance.

Warning method: When normal, the body temperature is reported; when abnormal, the fever personal temperature is reported with a 5-second beep sound, and at the same time, the corresponding indicator light on the panel of the host.

Data statistics: The panel of the host computer shows the number of people who passed the body temperature and the number of alarms that the body temperature is abnormal.

Product characteristics

  • Detection accuracy: A pin (or 1/2) paper clip is detected in the middle of the gate with the highest sensitivity, and it will not miss reports and cross-reports. It can detect more than 150 grams of copper while excluding belt buckles, leather shoes, bras and other items. , Aluminum, zinc and other precious metals or control knives and firearms. Anti-interference design: According to the surrounding environment, the frequency is automatically set to avoid interference when the machine is turned on. When multiple gates are working side by side, they will move closer to each other and have no significant impact on detection performance.
  • Location display: The product is divided into 12 defense zones, and suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area.
  • Frequency setting: 11 frequencies can be set automatically, different ringtones can be set for different frequencies, and manual frequency setting can also be set. 7000-8999Hz can be set at will.
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Sensitivity can be adjusted as needed, with a total of 1,000 levels of sensitivity.
  • Counting people: Both sides of the infrared can accurately detect the number of passing and the number of alarms.
  • Sound and light alarm: 9 types of alarm sounds can be selected, each of which has 8 levels of tone adjustment, and the alarm time can be adjusted.
  • Panel display: high-brightness digital tube display.
  • Earthquake-resistant design: Globally original earthquake-resistant design, will not misreport under windy or artificial shaking.
  • Gate body material: The exterior is made of PVC, which is exactly the same as the imported brand material.
  • Network management (optional): reserved communication interface, can be connected with computer, camera, three rollers, etc., monitor and statistics the detection situation, adjust the parameters of security gate
  • Safety protection: in line with international safety standards, harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.


Airports, various venues, large-scale events, stations, terminals, entertainment venues, prisons, courts, important government departments, factories, test rooms, shopping malls, communities and other public places