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Infrared Walk Through Automatic Body Temperature Arch Detector



Infrared thermometer

Measurement time

1s ~1.5s

Measure method

Forehead or hands wrist scanning

Temperature accuracy


Temperature  range

Body temperature measurement range

32°C – 42.5°C

Body surface measurement range 0°C - 100°C


About 5 watts


Overall: L 2220mm* W 820mm* D 400mm

Channel: L 2000mm* W 700mm* D 400mm


Airports,large conference venues, large events, stations, terminals, prisons, courts, government departments, factories,shopping malls etc.

Working environment

10°C—40°C,Relative humidity is less than80%

Storage environment

0°C - 50°C,Relative humidity is less than80%

Higher temperature alert

Sound and light alarm + voice broadcast


Number of people passed, number of alarms

Net weight

About 35kg

Power supply

12V DC

Product Features:

Pass-type temperature measurement door integrates temperature measurement, personnel statistics, alarm and other functions in one. It has the characteristics of accurate temperature measurement, fast detection speed, safe and easy to use, sound and light alarm for abnormal body temperature and so on.

Accurate temperature measurement: The main chip adopts a professional human infrared temperature measurement chip, which automatically measures and accurately calculates, and has built-in rich clinical medical data, and can adaptively adjust according to the ambient temperature. The measurement results reflect the human body's true body temperature.

Warning method: When normal, the body temperature is reported; when abnormal, the fever personal temperature is reported with a 5-second beep sound, and at the same time, the corresponding indicator light on the panel of the host.

Data statistics: The panel of the host computer shows the number of people who passed the body temperature and the number of alarms that the body temperature is abnormal.

Convenient and quick check: When testing, just point your forehead to the temperature probe on the side of the door, and the temperature indicator will turn on when you enter the measurement distance range, and you can hear the temperature measurement result in about 1 second.

Safe and non-contact: The whole temperature measurement process is automatic, no skin contact, no cross infection.

Easy installation: The integrated design of the Guardian series can be installed or disassembled in only 20 minutes.