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Wall mounted Non-contact Infrared Induction thermometer

Product function instructions:

·       Temperature detection: use non-contact temperature detection technology. The temperature detection distance is between 0-10cm, and the detection accuracy is ±0.2℃.

·     Epidemic prevention warning: support temperature abnormal detection, voice alarm;

   LED screen displays are used to make the screen visible in sunlight;

·         Wrist or palm temperature measurement, the fastest recognition speed of 0.1 seconds,Barier-free quick access

·     LED light prompt function, green light shows normal temperature, red light shows abnormal temperature, and voice broadcast

·     Button function: mode switch is set, up and down the button query record function

·     Type C cable charger input, input current 5V1A

·     Wall-mounted design, easy to install according to the environment

  • Suitable for temperature difference range from -20 ℃ -60℃, suitable for indoor or outdoor all-weather scanes with protection:

Mainly used in office areas, buses, schools, hotels, scenic spots, factories, passerger stations, communities and other public places,

Product Parameters

Name:  Infrared Automatic  Induction  Thermometer            

Working temperature: 10°- 40°                                                     

Color: white       

Response time: 0.5s                                                                            Accuracy: +-0.2°              

 Input voltage:  DC 5V                                                                         Range: 10°- 42.9°             


Applications:  Schools, office, buses, houses, supermarkets, shopping  malls, scenic spots, factories and other  gates or passageways