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Intelligent doorbell temperature measuring device

AAT-T116 Intelligent doorbell temperature measurement system is a product developed by applying the world's top temperature detection module, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of non-contact screening and detection of human body temperature quickly and accurately.

The intelligent doorbell thermometer supports the access control unlocking function to avoid people touching public equipment and greatly reduces the risk of infection. At the same time, it supports the connection between Bluetooth and mobile app to set the language, temperature unit, high temperature threshold, and automatically record the temperature data and temperature measurement time. The summary of temperature measurement records can be viewed through the app. The product has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high accuracy, high safety and

good stability.

This product is a special type of rapid temperature detection product,

which can replace the traditional thermometer on the market.

Product  Specifications

Product measure


Packing size


Net Weight


Gross Weight





Max 60dB,Support voice

Target distance


Measuring time


Sensor type

Infrared sensor

Measuring accuracy


Measuring range


Measuring distance


Backlight color

Red / Green

Voltage & current

USB 5V / 1A


14 national languages

Normal temperature green screen voice broadcast,

high temperature red screen voice alarm.

Normal temperature open the door, abnormal

temperature alert

Automatically record temperature data and time and generate report.


Push real-time local data to APP to achieve

application management.