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Thermal imagery face recognition &temperature Thermometer AIO system

  • AAT-FAC-T4 “face temperature measurement system” integrated the world-class advanced thermal imaging module and the advanced face recognition algorithm of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The system applies thermal imaging principle in face temperature measurement and calculate the body temperature based on the whole face temperature distribution. It speeds up the non-contact body temperature measurement, meanwhile combines near infrared technology and visible light face recognition technology, highly increased the efficiency of vivo detection and the accuracy of face recognition. The system supports 1:1and 1:N mode shift, works under Android 7.1 and the above, is fast, accurate, safe and reliable in face recognition. This equipment is specially using on high speed “face recognition & temperature measurement”, could take the place of traditional body thermometer.  
  • School, Dining hall, Hospital, Office building, Custom, Government facility, Tourist resort, Factory, Construction site, Nursing home.
  • Features
  • Face recognition and temperature measurement operating in the meantime, fast and accurate
  • Checking on work attendance by face recognition
  • Gate opening IO signal, wiegand signal, RS485 &RS232 signal control
  • Support offline operation
  • Support visitor appointment, WeChat official account visitor appointment, user’s face registration
  • Support ID card reader
  • Support 1:N verification, 1:N binocular vivo detection, prevent picture and video invasion
  • Support 1:1 verification, accuracy is 99.99% in ID card comparison
  • High efficiency in 1:N recognition, when face data records are over 5000, the maximum recognition error is 1/10000, accuracy is 99.87%
  •  High speed recognition, face tracking and detection time is about 20ms, vivo detection 200ms, face characteristics extraction 150ms, the whole face comparison procession complete time is about 400ms. 
  • Algorithm of dynamic face recognition and tracking based on video stream
  • 100000 face pictures and recognitions records offline memory storage
  •  Face recognition site pictures storage
  •  Support serial port, wiegand output, output content can be set up.
  •  Support offline local network equipments deployment, online HTTP transmission deployment
  •  Support fill-light recognition after IR face detection in total darkness ambience
  •  Night time fill-light coordinate with photosensitive sensor
  •  Support external QR code scanner, ID/IC card reader
  • ;Support screen display contents setting, such as company LOGO

  •  Support customized ports mounting
  • Recognition height: 1.2-2.2m
  • Recognition distance: 30-50cm
  • Face angle: Horizontal: 30 degree   Vertical: 30 degree

  • Recognition time: tracking &detection 20ms detection complete 300-500ms
  • Accurate temperature measurement: 2-3s/p, maximum error ±0.3℃
  • Statistics display, name display, customized information display
  • Face data records storage: 30000 (extendable)
  • Other functions: safety helmet detection, glasses detection
    • Technical Parameters
  • Hardware


    quad core cortex processor 1.8GHz


    RAM 2GB


    ROM 8GB(16GB)

    Operating system           

    Android 7.1


    8 inch LCD, resolution: 800*1280@60HZ

    Exterior material          

    aluminum alloy shell, reinforced glass panel


    Recognition height       


    Recognition distance   


    Face angle                   

    horizontal 30 degree   vertical 30 degree

    Recognition technologies  

    technologies   near infrared vivo detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapt most of inside &outside ambience, high speed recognizing when moving

    Recognition speed       

    face tracking &detection 20ms detection complete 300-500ms, body temperature 2-3s/p

    Statistics display          

    name display, customized information display

    Face data records storage 

    30000 (extendable)

    Other functions            

    safety helmet detection, glasses recognition detection


    Power port                    

    • 1 external port and 1 internal 6P port (STB Function) DC 12V input