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 waterproof Intelligent White&black list cellphone jamming control system


The system equipment adopts digital base station technology and computer intelligent management and control technology, the system only needs to reach the signal field strength equivalent to the traditional base station and enable effective mobile signal control of coverage areas, the electromagnetic radiation of the personnel in the coverage area is far less than the radiation standard stipulated by the state, and will not cause long-term radiation damage to the human body. The system consumes a significant amount of electricity, which is also called green shielding.

Shielding area mobile phone manange and control, at the same time, combined with the passive antenna feed distribution system, uniformity wireless signal coverage is performed on the required shielding area. It can effectively control the external signal leakage, and implement bundled communication blocking for illegal mobile phones in the coverage area. There will be no blind spots and dead ends, and no signal interference will be caused to the surrounding normal mobile phone users and carrier base stations.

Can set whitelisted mobile number in the system, ensure that the prison guards mobile phone normally working, while in blocking area effective shielding illegal mobile phone with the surrounding base station communication, through mobile phone number intelligent indentification tehnology, the user of the preset mobile number can be kept in normal communication with the original base station.

When the system is in communication and computer intelligent identification control, obtained the serial number, sim card number or feature number in the effective control area, intercept the text message sent by the mobile phone and the dialed phone number, and also in the control center can send  fraudulent messages such as“ network busy” or “ Dial-out usrs not in the service area” to the specific mobile phone in the caverage area, and thus provide a powerful means for the prison administrators to timely grasp the information of criminal activities and prevent crimes.

It can carry out large-area and high-efficiency search work on the confidential areas that are prohibited from entering the mobile phone, and realize the functions of shielding, locating, and grabbing the searched mobile phones, cause hidden trouble and danger to secret safety. The system is mature and will not interfere with the normal operation of the communication network.

The system for entering the prison or for the mobile operator communication system has special requirements of that user terminal in the communication coverage area, according to the user’s classification, communication permission or communication blocking. For special target users, according to communication system difference, it is also possible to conduct further communication checks.

The communication control system includes the following communication system:CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, DCS1800MHz, PCS1900MHz, PHS, 3G WCDMA, 4G LTE and so on mobile communication signal.

The entire system can be customized according to the requirements of specific customers, and can flexibly meet the special communication system requirements combination of different countries or regions.

The basic functions of the system include:

l  According to different communication system of in all coverage areas to terminal uers IMSI capture

l  To captured IMSI filtering whitelist and blacklist

l  Whitelist users release back to the macro network for normal communication.

l  Not Whitelist user communication blocking and shielding

l  Conduct communication monitoring for blacklist users who meet certain conditions, Or with other device for positioning

l  10-20W coverage distance directional antenna jamming diameter 500-2000M, omnidirectional antenna jamming radius 300-800M.

l  The detailed functions of the various communication systems included: Macro network scanning, Automatic and manual network settings, IMSI / ESN capture, Black and white list setting and filtering, Access policy configuration, In the network UE status monitoring, Report terminal signal strength.

l  For TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE, the captured UEcan be redirected to the specified 2G and 3G systems.

*  Main function: Communicaiton jamming(Capture,Non-interference), Whitelist(Can normally communication), Detection code(Capture IMSI number), SMS push, Background configuration management.

*  Advantage: Good effective(Just same with the public signal), Intelligentize(Distinguish between general users and whitelist users), full – featured, greens environmental protection(It only on the downlink public channel have signal transmission, average power , low total power consumption, low radiation)

System hardware composition

1   4G Antenna port

2    WIF Antenna port

3  3G Pass back antenna port

4    Power indicator light

5   RJ 45port

6    GSM Antenna port

7   GSM frequency scan antenna

8    GPS Antenna port

9   AC 220V power port

GND   earth lead

Feature function

Detection code location:And obtaining the IMSI of the mobile phone card in a specific area and the IMEI/ ESN of the mobile phone. And the location ("positioning") of the mobile phone user is provided with a clue for the case of the public security personnel.

People's flow monitoring:The equipment monitors the number of people at each time, finds abnormal personnel gathering in time, and prevents the occurrence of group events.

Safety alarm:After the illegal invasion, blacklist, or suspicious person appears, the background system will generate an alarm reminder, so as to inform the public security and safety cooperation personnel to advance the early warning.

Alarm prompt:By obtaining and analyzing the corresponding information of man-machine, the mobile phone number specified by the system monitor can be sent prompt or warning text message.

Iinfromation push: The system can be used to push warning message to users(blacklist, or white list)entering the coverage area, so as to remind and warn.

Performance specifications:

System parameters

Working frequency

Tigo: 850/2100

Telefonica: 850/1900

Claro: 1900/2100

Digicel: 900

Others: 850/1900/2100

RF output transmitted power

Factory default is 10W/ carrier

Carrier combination

According to the operator’s band configuration, a total of 10 carriers

Working bandwidth



Better than 6%

Out-of-band Spurious

Meet the 3GPP agreement

Receiving sensitivity


Receiver dynamic range



50~1000m (Related to wireless environment and transmit power)

Capture peak rate

800 groups/minute/carrier

Control success rate


Black and white list

Support blacklist alarm, support lock blacklist (cannot communicate)

Support whitelist batch import, support whitelist normal call and Internet access will not affect

Antenna and interface

Directional antenna, dual port

data transmission

RJ45 Cable

Electrical characteristics

Use method

Fixed hanging pole installation

Power supply


Max power consumption


Net weight



aluminium alloy



Equipment management

Use CS client for equipment management and control.

As shown below:

l  Map which device working place

l  Equipment configuration, capture number

l  Whitelist setting

l  Blacklist

l  Activity Trajectory