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3-side+ Silent Recording Shielder Air purifier

Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

AAT-007-NK3S+ recording jammer is a new high-tech product upgraded on the basis of AAT-007-NK3Sby our company's R&D personnel according to customer needs. The overall dimensions of AAT-007-NK3S+recording shield are the same as YX-007-NK. The emission is on three sides, but the number and angle of emission have been improved. The number of emission terminals on each side has been increased from 20 to 25. There are a total of 75 on three sides; the launch angle can reach 280 degrees and multi-angle shielding, and some recording equipment can reach 360 degrees. The shielding distance on each side has been increased by about 1 meter to 3-6 meters (different recording equipment is different). The AAT-007-NK3S+recording jammer still adopts the shape of an air purifier, which has strong concealment. AAT-007-NK3S+recording muting device is a new product of the recording muting device series,

This audio shield is a product developed by R&D personnel of our company according to the characteristics and requirements of anti-recording shield. The shape of the product is an air purifier with dual functions of air purification and audio shield. The product has beautiful appearance and is simple and generous. The concealment of air purifier can shield illegal recording.

Air purifier version recording shield is a new product of recording shield series.  suitable for scenes such as leadership offices and small conference rooms.


1. Good concealment: The air purifier is used as the appearance of the product, which is no different from ordinary air purifiers on the surface, and has excellent concealment.

2. Stronger shielding effect: Due to the increase of the number of signal transmitting terminals, multiple signals are superimposed, so that the shielding signal has a higher peak intensity and the shielding effect is stronger.

3. Longer shielding distance: The increase in the number of terminals increases the strength of the signal, so that the transmission distance is also farther, reaching an unprecedented 3-6 meters on each side.

4. The shielding angle is larger: the number of transmitting terminals is increased, which further expands the transmitting angle, from the original 180 degrees to 280 degrees, and some recording equipment can reach 360 degrees.

5. Flexible power adjustment: The product is equipped with three power adjustment knobs to support individual shielding distance adjustment in each direction.

6. Wider coverage of equipment: AAT-007-NK3S+ recording blocker can block all current mainstream recording equipment, and its coverage rate can reach more than 95%. Especially the Apple series mobile phones have been strengthened to support the latest models The Iphone is much higher than similar products on the market.

7. Support private customization: Logo can be customized according to user needs to better meet 


performance parameter

Blocking type

Mobile phone, recorder and other sound acquisition equipment

Blocking distance

3-6m / noodle

Action angle

280Degrees (some up to 360 degrees)

Number of transmitting terminals

75 Launching terminal

Power regulation mode

Knob type stepless adjustment (non gear adjustment)

Opening mode

Remote control 

Product size




ambient temperature


relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V~240V

Power output

DC 12V/12.5A

Package description

PP protection box