Cellphone jamming system Part

 System requirements analysis

1. Jamming system applies to all public communication standard mobile GSM,DCS,CDMA,PAS,and PHS ect, and it should not affect normal operation which in shield area with standard system, especially the intercom(walkie-talkie).


2. Within the scope of the prison to block (including aisle, dormitory, window, chat room, storage room, toilet, etc.), teaching area, production area and other regulator supervisor may enter which place possible large  violation where hide areas, products shielding effect should be up to 100%.


3. By supervised person who can not reach place,not prone to violate compasses and area of the open area (including the playground, roads, isolation belt, etc.), products of shielding effect should be above 95%.


4. Strictly control the external interference, to ensure the system run time shielding area (including but not limited to prison comprehensive office building and the surrounding residential buildings, etc.) must make sure that we can smooth communication.


5. Because this project belongs to the key security control area, and after the new communication station, the influence of the system must have a higher power redundancy, shielding technology need to have higher  professional electronic countermeasures .


6. Central apparatus room must be for all the shielding device for on-line monitoring, to prevent man-made damage to block equipment, shielding function failure.

​​   Background Control Center