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. Demand Analysis of Prison Phone Signal Jammer Project.

The importance of installing mobile phone signal jammer system in prison place

With the continuous development and popularization of mobile communication devices, the level of personal mobile communication technology has been continuously improved, especially after the promotion and application of 3G and 4G technology, For the prison, labor reeducation, detention centers, addiction treatment centre and other similar areas of the negative role of more and more prominent, In prison, detention center and other places of supervision,  mobile communication tools are banned, not only for prisoners, but also regulators should be the case. Once the phone was brought into prison and use it, will give the prison management, security, development has brought great harm. Some prisoners through illegality secretly transport mobile phone , in the prison are calling, SMS, obtaining information, threatening witnesses, Even the formation of gangs and organizations jailbreak and so on, because of this, in prison and other prison places to install mobile phone signal jammer system has reached urgency


.How to establish a prison phone signal jamming system

2.1 What factors should be considered when establishing a mobile phone signal jamming system?

From the impact of the base station

 It is recommended to install the mobile phone signal shielding system monitoring area near two or three hundred meters is best not to have base stations, if there are base stations, need to consider on the base station too close, the signal is too strong to bring the impact!


From the impact of the base station

IED Jammer

What is an IED Jammer? How does an IED Jammer Work? Can an IED Jammer jam all IED threats? Can an IED Jammer detonate an IED instead of Jam the IED? Who uses an IED Jammer?

The Bomb Jammer ™ series of IED Jammers are designed to saturate an area with electromagnetic energy in order to neutralize an IED that is activated by remote control on command. Our IED Jammers work by preventing radio signals from reaching the radio trigger used to detonate that IED.

Because the IED Jammer can broadcast RF Jamming interference on multiple frequencies simultaneously, all known threats can be addressed. The Bomb Jammer ™ in its trunk mounted form as well as the roof mounted version were not designed to detonate IED weapons. The sole purpose of an IED Jammer is to jam only. RCIED or Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device weapons are on-command bombs that require a trigger by radio control, and as such, are almost always designed to detonate with some basic radio frequency coding. This coding prevents accidental activation by random radio frequencies it might receive.

The IED Jammer series are designed to jam using electromagnetic energy and not detonate a remote controlled IED or RCIED.

Users of our IED Jammers, Communication Jammers, and RF Jammers range from mine clearance teams, military forces, border patrol, bomb detection teams, VIP security forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, EOD technicians, Government Contractors, and Government Agencies.