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Service and Support

1. Technical support
1 System maintenance and technical services

An engineering project passed acceptance and put into operation, which is only the first step to complete the entire engineering project, and the next long-term task is how to do after-sales technical support and services. After inspecting and accepting the project, users must be assured and satisfied with the operation of the entire system, and must provide users with a good after-sales service policy and measures, and implement them in action.

To this end, for many years, AL ASAR TECH has established a wide range of good cooperative partnerships with the majority of users based on the principle of "seeking truth, sincerity and trust". AL ASAR TECH knows that only the success of our customers can have our success. Service is our company's product, and customer satisfaction is the only criterion for measuring service quality.

 AL ASAR TECH complies with the ISO9001 international quality certification standard and has formulated a set of documented quality management specifications, and has established a complete customer service system for this purpose.

2 Definition of technical services

Technical service refers to the relevant program planning, program design, technical consultation, program implementation, equipment (software) installation, system debugging, product maintenance, component replacement and troubleshooting provided by AL ASAR TECH to the users involved in the project A complete set of technical services from project establishment, scheme design to project implementation and after-sales technical support.

3 content of technical services

Our company stipulates that technical staff should not only assist users in pre-sales work such as project approval, scheme planning and technical consultation, but also work hard to implement project implementation and after-sales technical support and services.

Our company stipulates that when receiving customer service requests and rushing to the site, technical service personnel should bring the necessary spare parts and corresponding tools, so that they can start work immediately after arriving at the site, and eliminate the fault as quickly as possible to restore the system.

After the technical service personnel arrive at the scene, even if the non-contracted equipment fails (other equipment or problems caused by the operating system or application system), the technical service personnel of AL ASAR TECH should also help or assist the user to find the problem and try his best Help users solve problems.

If the AL ASAR TECH customer service center receives a report that the user is not satisfied with the service at a certain location or has a complaint, it will immediately arrange to re-execute the technical service until the user is satisfied.

4 Specific measures for technical services

In order to provide users with satisfactory technical support and services, our company has formulated a set of documented quality management specifications in accordance with ISO9001 international quality certification standards, established a complete customer service system, and has an experienced and sophisticated after-sales technology. Service team.

AL ASAR TECH has set up a 5×12 hour free service hotline to understand the needs of users in a timely manner and ensure that they provide users with fast response services.

5×8 Technical support hotline: +86 0755-26606817 / + 86 13048814836

Fax: +86755-89585281

Technical support email: alasartech@126.com

Our company provides users with technical services in a variety of agreement methods, that is, services can be provided according to user requests, regular inspection services, and long-term on-site service by sending personnel.

Our company promises to provide users with a technical service response time within 4 hours, that is, after receiving the user's request for service notification, the hotline of the customer service center will promptly make arrangements, and will provide the service by phone or fax within 4 hours The plan and action arrangement are notified to the user and arrive at the user site in the first time.

2. After-sales service

After-sales service includes product warranty and technical service.

2.1 Product warranty

2.1.1 Product Warranty Plan

Product warranty is one of the most concerned issues for users. It is one of the key factors to ensure the reliable, safe and stable operation of an engineering project. It is also one of the important prerequisites for the survival and development of AL ASAR TECH. Therefore, our company attaches great importance to the product warranty of the project and the corresponding after-sales technical services, and has formulated complete safeguards to ensure the reliable, safe and stable operation of the project, so that users are satisfied and assured.

2.1.2 Definition of product warranty period

Product warranty period means that during the specified period, when the product provided by the manufacturer (or supplier, AL ASAR TECH) fails or is not artificially damaged, the technical service personnel arrive at the site within the promised response time to repair or repair the product. replace.

2.1.3 Product warranty period

The product warranty period refers to the warranty period specified by the manufacturer. From the time the product is delivered to the user, the user accepts the signature, and ends when the specified warranty end date is reached.

2.1.4 Product warranty method

1) Warranty method during the warranty period

During the product warranty period, the technical service hotline of AL ASAR TECH will immediately formulate the plan and arrangement of this technical service after receiving the user’s request for technical service, and call or fax the technical service plan and arrangement within 4 hours Formally notify the user in a way.

At the same time, technical service personnel bring the necessary spare parts and tools, and rush to the service site within the promised technical service response time to repair or replace product failures, and restore system operation in the shortest time. The specific steps are:

The user requesting technical service should explain the fault situation, the serial number S/N of the equipment and some basic information of the fault site, so that the technical service personnel can make preparations for troubleshooting and restoring the system operation in time.

AL ASAR TECH is responsible for applying to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Because different manufacturers have different response time commitments for repair and replacement.

If the repair or replacement time exceeds 48 hours, the company is responsible for providing replacement equipment during the repair or replacement of the equipment by the manufacturer to ensure the operation of the system.

2) Warranty method outside the warranty period

Outside the product warranty period, the company promises to provide users with the same quality product warranty service, response time and problem-solving ability as the warranty period. Only cost fees are charged for products that need to be replaced. The specific operation steps are the same as during the warranty period.

3) Establish product warranty documents

AL ASAR TECH has formulated a set of documented quality management specifications in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality certification standards. Each time it provides users with technical support, technical services, product repair and product (or component) replacement, they fill in the corresponding technical service documents, and After being signed and approved by the user, the user and the company will file separately to provide better technical services in the future. The main contents of the product warranty document are as follows:

Manufacturer, model, quantity, serial number S/N, etc. of the warranty product;

Detailed records of product maintenance and replacement;

Memorandums of important faxes, telephone calls, and written information between users and manufacturers.