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8 Bands Indoor Mobile Signal Jammer IP Remote control


IR Remote control power switch on/off

Using ultrahigh frequency boardband jamming technology.

Effective power (Channel power) high, and interference radius big

Valid subsection, only interference downlink, not cause interference to the base station.

Import component, slow starting circuit design and can avoid mechanical switch generated spark phenomenon, high level of integration and working stabilization

Perfect self-protective function, when the equipment overheating, output over power, VSWR ect fault warning, the jammer will auto turn-off which have fault module, to avoid the jammer damage.

Ethernet IP Remote Monitoring System available

RF module alarm type: Temperature alarm, Owe power alarm, Standing wave alarm.

Technical Specifications:

Effective shielding CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, DCS1800MHz, PCS1900MHz, PHS, GPS, 2.4GWIFI, 5.8G wifi, 3G WCDMA, 4G,5G LTE,VHF,UHF ect, wireless signal.                     

In-band Flatness: 2dB

Internal Modulation: Analog or DDS Module

Effective jamming range: 20-80m depending on the environment signal strength;

Power supply:110-220V &  DC 24V  (Optional)

Continuous working hours: 24*7hours ongoing working.

Power Consumption: 90 W

Remote Control: Ethernet IP Remote Monitoring System

Remote Control Interface: RJ45

IP Level: IP53

Antenna type: High Gain Directional Panel Antennas or Omni Antennas

Antenna Gain: 12dBi

Built-in battery: No.

Operating Temp: -20ºC - +55ºC

Humidity: 30%-95%  

Dimension: 400x 300x 115 mm (L x W x H)

Packing size: 530 x 370 x 240 mm (L x W x H)

Net Weight: 10.5kgs;

Accessoris: Power cable, antenna, RJ45 connector, wall-mounted expansion bolt.


Prisons, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, etc.