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Silent Recording Shielder Bluetooth speaker Hidden Voice Recording Jammer

This kind of recording shield is a newly developed Bluetooth audio version concealed recording shield developed by our company, which has dual functions of recording shield and Bluetooth speaker.In view of the reason that some noise will be produced during the operation of the recording screen, our company specially launched this product and recommended background music (optional by users) at the factory, so that some sound produced during the operation of the recording screen can be skillfully integrated with the background music, making the two mutually beneficial.The purpose of shielding illegal recording is realized by the concealment of speaker.

1.Bluetooth speaker part

It is suitable for wireless connection of devices such as Android and iPhone, and can play audio files in the jammer, regardless of time and space. Simple operation and easy to use, just complete the pairing simply.

2.Recording shielding part

Integrated 32 signal transmitting terminals, the shielding distance is longer, the shielding effect is better, the remote control is turned on, and the operation is flexible and convenient. Stepless power adjustment, freely meet customer needs. There is no discomfort when the recording blocking function is turned on.

The above two parts can work simultaneously or separately.

Product features:


1.It is recommended to have background music when the product is delivered from the factory, which well integrates the sound produced by the recording screen when it works.

2.Remote control switch, easy to operate.

3.Concealment: This product uses Bluetooth speaker as the product appearance, which is no different from other Bluetooth speakers in appearance.It can be well combined with the use scenario and will not attract attention, which solves the user's worries.

4.Stepless power regulation, controllable at any time.

5.The shielding distance is 3-6M (different recording equipment will be different)

Technical parameters:



performance parameter

Shielding type

Mobile phone, digital recording pen and other sound collection equipment

Shielding distance


Function angle


Adjustment mode

Knob stepless adjustment (non gear adjustment)

Opening mode

Remote-controlled opening

Product size




ambient temperature

-40C ~55 C

relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100v~240v

Power output

DC 12V/5A

Packing instructions

PP protection box



Place of application:

Bluetooth speaker recording shield is a new product of recording shield series, which is widely used in conference room, office, negotiation room and other scenes to prevent illegal recording.