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Protable Handheld Recording Shield

Voice Recording jammer

This recorder jammer is a brand-new work that our company has worked hard for many years in the field of recording shielding. It can be placed on the desktop or hand-held. The black shell of the fuselage is made of metal alloy finish milling. The signal transmitting unit is located on the side of the fuselage and is evenly arranged in four parts, which can ensure sufficient transmission of shielding signals without affecting the beauty.

The biggest feature of the product is that it integrates the power switch and power adjustment knob. Users can turn on the power switch and adjust the transmission power. The transmitting power can be adjusted at will according to the environment and user's feelings to achieve a suitable shielding effect.

System characteristics
1. Transmitting power is continuously adjustable
2. Over-voltage, over-current and over-heat protection
3. Important components are all imported electronic components.
4. The output effective power is over 98%.

5. Metal Alloy Shell


performance parameter


Shielding type

Mobile phones, recording pens and other sound acquisition devices


Shielding distance

1-2m (shielding distance of different recording equipment is different)


Function angle

90-120 degrees

Opening mode

knob control


Power adjustment mode

Stepless adjustment of knob








ambient temperature



relative humidity



Battery capacity



Charging input

AC 100V~240V 


Charging output

DC 12v 1A


Packing instructions

Protective box