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K9 Mini
    Publish time 2020-08-20 14:27    

Infrared Night Vision Camera Wireless Detector

Product Features:

K9 infrared night vision camera detector can effectively detect all kinds of pinhole cameras with infrared night vision, night vision and wired or wireless shooting equipment. No matter it is in low light or no light environment, as long as spy peep camera  ,the device sound and light alarm immediately, can effectively protect personal privacy from being no violated.

This detector uses professional infrared detection technology, built-in high-precision infrared sensor chip and signal processor

Realize environmental scanning and precise target positioning through software intelligent analysis, and provide three alarm methods of sound, light and shock. It has the characteristics of active alarm, real-time monitoring, convenient operation, and ultra-small size.

Infrared laser scanning function is turned on

Red reflective spots appear on the optical lens of concealed camera equipment


Product name:

Infrared Night Vision Camera Detector


K9 mini

Detection mode:

infrared automatic detection / infrared laser scanning

Detection distance


Detection light field:

760nm-980nm (near infrared light)

Alarm method:

sound / light / vibration

Working current


Battery capacity


Charging time

2 hours

Continuous work

> 30 hours


ABS plastic





Packaging and accessories

1. 1x Main deivce      2.  1x USB power charging cable

3. 1x lanyard           4. 1x certificate

● Use infrared automatic detection function to detect night vision camera equipment

This function uses real-time high-precision infrared sensors to detect suspicious infrared light sources in real time. In low-light or dark environments, as long as the night vision camera is turned on, the sound and light alarm is turned on immediately. There is no need to hold the device to look around. Can be protected in real time, safe and secure.

When the detector detects the infrared illumination radiation emitted by the night vision camera equipment, the alarm horn will emit a "tick-tap-tick-tap" alarm sound and the red indicator light will be on simultaneously. The infrared intensity is related. The faster the frequency, the stronger the detected infrared intensity, that is, the closer to the night vision camera device. When the alarm horn emits a long beep, the night vision camera equipment is directly in front of the detector.